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Economic Development
University of Mississippi

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Hands-on Course in Tablet Technology


To offer a hands-on training course in tablet technology that includes traditional and advanced manufacturing processes.


The global pharmaceutical industry is in need of hands-on training in tablet development and manufacturing. Training is needed for personnel working in R&D, process engineering, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and quality control. Traditional manufacturing processes used to make tablets are labor intensive with several unit processes with the potential of introducing variability in the quality of the finished product. This opportunity leverages the expertise of the faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students in the Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology in the Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery at the University of Mississippi in traditional and advanced manufacturing techniques such as hot melt extrusion and continuous manufacturing.


The University of Mississippi has partnered with over 25 companies that supply equipment or materials to the pharmaceutical industry to design a comprehensive course containing lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises.

Economic Impact

The course that is offered three times a year has averaged about 50 attendees per course offering, including registrants, lecturers and laboratory staff. The average attendee will stay 5 nights in nearby hotels. Lectures are held in the Yerby Conference Center and laboratory training is provided in Faser Hall of the School of Pharmacy. The existence of the course should attract industry to consider Oxford for a new site of operations.